If you've been thinking about a Rider Steel- String, either for yourself or a loved one, we'd like to offer you a special deal during the holiday season. Starting Thanksgiving, when you place your order for the Rider Steel- String, we will be sending you a FREE Rider Backpacking Kit

The best thing about our instruments is their ability to travel and the Rider Backpacking Kit makes taking your Rider to go even easier. It's lightweight, water-resistant and most importantly, made specifically for the Rider Steel- String. Use it to pack up your Rider, throw in some backpacking gear and go outside! Whether it's backpacking into the wilderness, a light hike in nature or setting up for a bonfire at the beach, we find the Rider Backpacking Kit perfect for being out and about.

At Blackbird, we're working on all kinds of projects to help you travel with your instruments worry-free. From revolutionary composite materials to custom cases, it's as much high- quality sound as it is ease of travel. We want you to take your music with you.

Check back for more exciting specials coming out this holiday season!

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