Alert! New videos were uploaded to Blackbird's Youtube Channel last week. Follow the links below to check them out 👇

                                          Blackbird Sessions featuring David Siegler      Blackbird Sessions featuring Marine Futin

                                          Blackbird Sessions featuring Andreas David      Blackbird Sessions featuring Megan Keely

Blackbird Sessions is a collaboration with artists to document great music—that's why we make quality instruments in the first place. Beautiful music—wherever, no worries.

Behind the Scenes:
Joe and his wife Christine produce these videos with artists featuring awesome local businesses. For David Siegler's videos, we met up at the Homestead in the Mission District. We captured Andres David and his skillful technique with the ukulele at Stable Café, which happens to be a few steps away from the Blackbird HQ. In fact, we do quite a few video and photo shoots among the lush scenery there. Of course, we are always excited to record artists, like Marine Futin and Megan Keely, at our own workshop. Subscribe to our Youtube channel for all the Blackbird Session videos. ;)

We’re actively looking for artists to work with and locations to shoot. Have a suggestion? Drop a comment below!

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