We are excited to announce that we have new finish options available for all of our guitars and ukuleles! These finishes were chosen for their abilities to accentuate and compliment the natural beauty of Ekoa and provide an additional layer of protection to the already durable and resilient material. The additional finishes come in several options: a satin finish, a high gloss finish, and a sunburst, which can be either matte or gloss. Please note that the additional finish will add approximately three weeks to the build time.

Each Blackbird guitar and ukulele receives our default Au Naturel finish. This is a hand-rubbed finish that is applied to the back, sides, and neck of the instrument, while the top benefits from an in-mold finish. Both are subtle, and showcases the natural look of the linen fibers in the Ekoa, which is evocative of high quality vintage tonewood.

The Satin (matte) finish is a clear, flat finish applied to the top, back, sides, and neck. Visually, it is virtually indistinguishable from the Au Naturel finish, and serves to offer an additional layer of protection for the surface of your instrument against nicks, scrapes, and wear that can occur over long periods of time from the oils and acids in your skin.

The High Gloss finish is similar to the Satin, except it is shiny! It is a clear finish that is applied to the top, back, sides, and neck that highlights the beauty of the Ekoa while providing an additional layer of protection.

The Sunburst finish is a gorgeous paint job reminiscent of vintage acoustic instruments of yesteryear. A rich stain gives the Ekoa a deep, lush caramel hue which gradients to black towards the edge of the instrument. The back is similar in appearance - the Ekoa is visible in the center and less so as the finish becomes an opaque black towards the edge. The Sunburst finish is available in either matte or high gloss.

Please get in touch and let us know if you have any questions regarding our finishes! 

Satin (matte) finish on the Farallon:


Satin (matte) finish on the Clara:


High Gloss Sunburst on the Clara



Sunburst (matte) finish on a Prototype:

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