With El Capitan, a small jumbo acoustic guitar going into production and available in early 2015, Blackbird now have four models in their steel-string product family. The new El Capitan, the first guitar Ekoa linen fiber joins three existing carbon fiber models: the Rider, Lucky 13, and Super OM (in order of size). First a brief overview of each in order of smallest to largest:


The Rider is a great travel guitar- small enough for the overhead and fits in places unfit for conventional acoustic guitars. The Rider offers this level of convenience without sacrificing tone. This carbon fiber guitar is a wonderful companion on the road or back on the couch- inviting you to kick back and strum away on its amazingly responsive compact body.

Lucky 13
The Lucky 13 is still a small body instrument- a hair larger than 3/4 scale, so it is also good for travel/touring. It is 3.5 in. wider and 2.5 in. longer than the Rider and with that comes more volume and bass. The still compact Lucky 13 has a bigger sound that expected, with a tone that compares favorably with a full-size guitar.

Super OM
The Super OM is larger still compared with the Lucky 13, about 1.5 in. wider than the lucky and two inches longer including a longer scale The Super OM is medium sized Orchestra Model, so still comfortable particularly with a comfort contoured body, and is brimming with resonance- featuring the power of a nice dreadnought or Grand Auditorium. This very robust carbon fiber guitar travels well in its hybrid case.

El Capitan
El Capitan is bigger, wider and longer than the Super OM and likely the most responsive composite guitar made and the first of Ekoa linen producing an impossibly powerful and warm vintage vibe. The resilient Ekoa unibody is ready for the road, being unaffected by changes in humidity and temperature- composite construction means road-worthy stability

Ultimately, if you need a travel instrument above all else then the Rider is for you. If you want ultimate responsiveness, then the El Capitan. If you want somewhere in between with a strong dose of traditional design- the Lucky 13 is the winner.


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Denis Dutrisac
Denis Dutrisac

June 23, 2020

Just came back from a National Art Center concert featuring Amanda Martinez and Kevin Laliberté playing a Rider Nylon which sounded awesome with the rest of the orchestra! Are the Rider neck sizes 2 in. or 1 ⅞ ? Do they have thrust rods? Can the El Capitan or Super OM be converted to nylon ? Thank so much for any clarification.

Ottawa, Ontario

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